vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

Belaroma coffee

After visiting a gigantic Do It Yourself father-paradise in Manly Vale we just had to stop at the nearby Belaroma, a very popular coffee place filled with people, food and wonderful coffee.

It smells wonderful there because it's actually a huge coffee roaster with a restaurant / coffee place built on one end of it and the aroma of the coffee roaster surrounds the building ("Scratch and sniff blogs are needed", a friend writes me). Along the entrance you can see huge stocks of green beans in their bags ready to be roasted.

Lovely climate and beautiful crowd

Lots of coffee brewed
Latte art poured:

A choice of coffee beans (also single origins) to take home

Espresso and latte looking good

Colombian and Kenyan beans that we took home, 15 AUS Dollars per 250g. We opened the Kenya and it's wonderful.

Over 1000 KG from Costa Rica did not pass QA

Hey, Ethiopia Djimmah, I have those greens at home too

Nicaraguan beans


vrijdag 3 oktober 2014


This afternoon I visited Dewy, a new L1 owner. He visited me two weeks ago to get an idea of what the L1 has to offer and on getting home he promptly ordered one ;-)

He has filmed "my" complete workflow, from grinding to espresso to cappuccino and I have taken pictures of his routine (see below).

I noticed that the water from his shower screen leaned in one direction and after taking out the screen, cleaning it (there was some excess grease that he had swiped in the bore) and re-inserting it, the flow was completely even. This did not make a noticeable difference in the extraction but it's good to have it right all the same.

15 grams of grinds in the OEM basket, 25g of espresso in 25 seconds, looking good!

Grinding 15g

checking the weight on the Acaia

Nutating tamp, light pressure

Slow careful pull, 5s pre-infusion

Flow looking good

Keeping track of time & weight

25g in 25s

Yay! Sweet & spicy